Following five years of study, and an intensive public education campaign, the Wilmette Board of Trustees voted on April 17, 2018 to pursue a stormwater improvement project to address flooding issues for residents who live west of Ridge Road.

Ultimately, the majority of the Board of Trustees voted to proceed with Neighborhood Storage improvements at an estimated cost of $48-55 million.  While this was the most affordable option under consideration, it was also the option that could be completed in the shortest amount of time thereby providing more immediate flood relief to many Wilmette homeowners.

As part of this determination, the Village Board added three cost-effective components to the stormwater improvement plan which include:

  • A commitment to green infrastructure
  • Upsizing of two relief sewers to provide flexibility to and options for potential future sewer expansion
  • A commitment to study the effectiveness of the improvements upon completion and identify additional projects as appropriate

The Village will now begin to work cooperatively with the Wilmette Park District, as well as the schools and other units of government whose assistance will be needed to complete this project, in order to ensure the underground storage improvements are implemented in a timely manner and in a way that maintains the character and quality of any affected parks or other public property.

The Village thanks the hundreds of residents who participated in the ongoing discussion about stormwater management over the years and, more importantly, in recent months, as the Board and staff worked to identify the most cost-effective solution.

Residents can find a more detailed description of the “Neighborhood Storage” solution on the Potential Improvements page.